Apart from occasional forays into silicone, I work primarily with the most common construction materials – cement.  It has extraordinary versatility and a directness that allows for spontaneity.

I either use a base of metal armature on which mortar or ferrous cement is then layered.  Or work from clay cast or sometimes body casts.  I use colour pigment , fibrous materials and found objects for surface texture.

In the past I have worked in abstract and semi figurative forms but since 2010 I have been mostly working with  human form;  the intricate, delicate triangles that connect each  skeletal movement  to their projections and articulations ,on muscle to skin is a source of fascination . Using the body enables me to animate the small internal voices we all share.  To make a visual representation of the inner psyche, in all its beautifully flawed complexity. 

I have been privileged to work with communities across Ireland; teach young adults in Phnom Penh and workshop in Kathmandu, it has been a revelation, both in forms of practice and as experiential learning from great people. 

 Represented by: 

Camilleriparismode - Malta


Mad Gallery Milan:


Saatchi Online


Previous exhibitions include:

Malta Art Fair - May 2017

4th Art Collective Meridian Hotel Malta, 2016

Villa Castro Pop Up gallery – September 2016

Cavelleri Art Hotel - MaltaMarch 2016

3rd Art Collective Meridian HotelMalta- January2016

1st Art Collective Meridian Hotel – Malta 2015

Solo show “ the illusion of permanence “ Java Gallery - Phnom Penh 2012

Kilkenny Arts show – Ireland 2000

Gallery 8, Cork – Ireland 2001

Runner up Markovich medal for sculpture – Dublin 1998

13th Sculpture In Context –  Conrad Hotel Dublin 1997