From Kathmandu University School of Arts, 2014

Profile of the Artist Sallyanne Morgan 

Irish Sculptor Sallyanne Morgan studied at Colaiste Conghaile in Dublin, in the 1990’s where she specialized in ceramics; wood and metal. She has undertaken commissions for ceramics and provided work for various exhibitions in Ireland [see below], worked as a government sponsored ‘Artist in the Community’ programme  and NGO’s before moving to Cambodia in 2002.

From 2002 onwards he work included mentoring local Phnom Penh emerging artists resulting in a public exhibition, where many of the artists exhibited their work for the first time. Following this, Sallyanne resumed her own artistic journey, traveling throughout SE Asia and beginning to work with ferrous cement, culminating in a solo exhibition   entitled:“ The Illusion of Permanence” at Java Art Gallery in Phnom Penh[1], with a review stating that:

Sallyanne Morgan’s sculptures are an observation of current lives and past traditions with an underlying uncertainty for what may yet come. During times of change, we often turn to familiar customs and as an artist Sallyanne looks at the different symbols and rituals that define and guide the individual through this process. She examines this very private process through quiet meditative sculptures of life-size figures.

Her journey continued in December 2012 when she moved to Malta, here she has continued to work in ferrous cement. Metal armature lies beneath the concrete with wire fiber just under the surface, both as a support and for its textural qualities, providing a vitalising, vein-like appearance to the skin of the figures.

Although having previously worked with abstract forms and semi-figurative structures, she is currently working with the human body in a type of ‘conceptual realism’, which tends to be thematic. In such work, the concept sometimes comes first and with it, the persona and attitude she would like the figure to take; while in others, in a highly dynamic and deductive process, the figure is created in tandem with its emergent voice. A key aspect of this voice is that it integrates the figurative with words and symbols. She is inspired by poetry an the written word and sees it a form of sculpture in itself in that, just like sculpture, it creates a world within, and of itself.

Sallyanne’s work aims at being democratic rather than elitist, creating art that is transparent and accessible work without being simply decorative. Her work is not merely clever and doesn’t aspire to complexity as an end in itself, but rather to inspire and evoke empathy and identification in its audience. In addition to the aforementioned Phnom Penh event, exhibitions to date have also included Sculpture in Context in Dublin Ireland, an exhibition at Gallery 44 in Cork Ireland, as well as Dublin, Cork and Kilkenny in the 1990’s. Sallyanne was also a noted runner-up in the Markovich medal for sculpture in 1998.  A full display of photos of the new work and a back catalogue can be found on the website: 

Java Arts, Solo show " The illusion of Permaence" 2012